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Manufacturing with a global track record

Manufacturing with a global track record

Publicerat av Cecilia Helland lördag, 01 november 2014.

Productivity in Finland is 4.5 times higher than in the low-cost country.

This also has a huge impact on time. Professional integrity, dedication to learning and a positive work ethic are everyday values in Finland.

Understanding the entire process

From metal to digital, many Finnish companies continue to make their mark in the global marketplace. Work with any Finnish manufacturing business, and you will automatically be part of wider network of clients, subcontractors and innovators.

Finland’s rock-solid infrastructure, celebrated educational system and prime location in Northern Europe are also a clear advantage to your manufacturing business.

What to expect in Finland?

  • A nation of builders – hard-working people with exceptional skills and experience.
  • Good test bed for product development and trial manufacturing in cooperation with companies.
  • Lower total production costs due to high innovation level and productivity.
  • Open and transparent business environment.
  • Effective logistics – gateway to Russia and good transport connections to other Nordic countries and Germany.
  • Investment aid up to 35% for select industries and sectors.


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