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‘Totally unacceptable’: Beijing vows retaliation if US taxes $200bn of Chinese goods

Written by Tony Harkén on torsdag, 12 juli 2018. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Main 2, Right bottom - 8st

The Chinese commerce ministry has slammed the US plan to impose tariffs on additional imports worth some $200 billion as totally unacceptable, promising a mirror response to defend its national interests.

“The Chinese side is shocked by the actions of the US,” a statement on the ministry’s website declared. “In order to safeguard the core interests of the country and the fundamental interests of the people, the Chinese government will, as always, have to make the necessary counter-measures.”

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Trade war could hurt these economies far more than U.S., China

Written by Tony Harkén on torsdag, 05 juli 2018. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Main 3, Main 5 - 3st

Investors watching the trade tit-for-tat between the United States and China may well have reason to fear the havoc a full blown conflict between the world’s two biggest economies could wreak on the global economy.

A model by economists at Pictet Asset Management in London reckons a 10 percent tariff on U.S. trade fully passed on to the consumer could tip the global economy into a state of stagflation and knock 2 and a half percent off corporate earnings.

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China will counterpunch US with $34 billion in tariffs – report

Written by Tony Harkén on onsdag, 04 juli 2018. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Main 3, Left 2 - 3st

Beijing has prepared reciprocal tariffs against the United States, which will be introduced on the same day Washington implements tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese imports, according to Reuters.

“Our measures are equal and being equal means that if the US starts on July 6, we start on July 6,” a source in Beijing told Reuters. “The implementation time for all policies starts at midnight.”

On June 15, the Trump administration said it would introduce additional 25-percent duties on 818 items of Chinese imports worth $34 billion on July 6.

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China expected to become largest 5G market by 2025: Report

Written by Tony Harkén on måndag, 02 juli 2018. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Main 1, Right bottom - 8st

China is expected to become the world's largest 5G market by 2025.

Accounting for 430 million 5G connections, or one-third of the global total, according to a report released on Friday.

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Australia & China on Pacific Ocean collision course & no one’s talking about it

Written by Tony Harkén on tisdag, 20 mars 2018. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Left 1, Left 2 - 3st

Australia has ramped up anti-Chinese rhetoric, challenging Beijing over its growing influence in the Pacific. Trump’s pick for ambassador to Australia, stalwart anti-Chinese Adm. Harris, paints a clear picture of what’s to come.

In 1900, then-Senator Albert Beveridge famously said to lawmakers in Washington that “the power that rules the Pacific, is therefore the power that rules the world.

As recent developments will demonstrate, this imperialist sentiment continues over 100 years later to the present day. The battle for control over the Pacific is taking place right before our very eyes and is placing both Australia and China in a precariously confrontational position, though the mainstream media refuses to pay due focus to the issue.

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Urstark techmarknad i Kina

Written by Tony Harkén on måndag, 15 januari 2018. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Main 1, Right bottom - 8st

Två kinesiska techbolag går mot börsen med skyhöga värderingar. Det är ett tydligt tecken på Kinas starka marknad för högteknologi.

Det kinesiska techbolaget Lufax planerar en börsintroduktion och samtidigt går kinesiska mobiltillverkaren Xiaomis planer på att ta sig till börsen in i en ny fas. Båda företagen kan få rekordvärderingar och är en del av Kinas glödheta marknad för högteknologiska företag.

Ta del av - http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=83&artikel=6862477

China about to knock out petrodollar by trading oil in yuan

Written by Tony Harkén on fredag, 15 december 2017. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Main 4, Right bottom - 8st

As one of the world’s top energy importers, China has successfully completed its fifth dry run in yuan-backed oil futures contract trading.

The step has been already called Beijing’s challenge to the US dollar.

According to Bloomberg, which cited a statement from the exchange, 149 members of Shanghai International Energy Exchange traded 647,930 lots in the rehearsal with a total value of 268.2 billion yuan. The system met the listing requirements of crude futures after the exercise, it added.

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Sri Lanka hands over strategic port to China as part of Belt and Road Initiative

Written by Tony Harkén on tisdag, 12 december 2017. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Main 2, Right bottom - 8st

The Sri Lankan government has formally handed over the southern port of Hambantota to China on a 99-year lease.

The $1.5 billion port was opened seven years ago and is incurring losses due to lack of commercial activity.

Under the $1.12 billion deal, signed in July, China Merchants Port Holdings will hold a 70 percent stake in a joint venture with the state-run Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

The initial plan to give the Chinese firm an 80 percent stake has sparked protests from trade unions and opposition groups, forcing the sides to redraw the deal.

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China to create world's largest floating solar power plant in move to clean energy

Written by Tony Harkén on måndag, 11 december 2017. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Main 2, Right bottom - 8st

The Beijing-based Three Gorges New Energy Corporation has invested a billion yuan ($151 million) into constructing the world’s biggest floating solar power project.

The plant is being built in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui.

Construction of the 150 megawatt (MW) power station started in July with a part already connected to the grid, according to the company. The new power plant features solar panels inserted into floats that are fixed on the surface of a lake that formed after a coal mine collapsed.

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Russia-China real gold standard means end of US dollar dominance

Written by Tony Harkén on lördag, 09 december 2017. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Left 1, Right bottom - 8st

The BRICS counties are considering starting an internal gold trading platform, according to Russian officials.

When this happens, the global economy will be significantly reshaped, and the West will lose its dominance, predicts a precious metals expert.

In 2016, 24,338 tons of physical gold were traded, which was 43 percent more than in 2015, according to Claudio Grass, of Precious Metal Advisory Switzerland.

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Xi Jinping heralds 'new era' of Chinese power at Communist party congress

Written by Tony Harkén on onsdag, 18 oktober 2017. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Main 3, Right bottom - 8st

Xi Jinping has heralded the dawn of a “new era” of Chinese politics and power at the start of a historic Communist party congress celebrating the end of his first term in office.

Speaking in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, at the start of the week-long 19th party congress, Xi told delegates that thanks to decades of “tireless struggle” China stood “tall and firm in the East”.

World Bank assigns $8bn for Silk Road projects

Written by Tony Harkén on onsdag, 13 september 2017. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Left 1, Left 2 - 3st

Billions of dollars have been allocated by the World Bank for infrastructure projects in the Chinese Silk Road Economic Belt, according to the bank’s president Jim Yong Kim at the 1+6 roundtable meeting in Beijing.

Investments, particularly in infrastructure, are extremely important. The Chinese initiative of the economic belt of the Silk Road catalyzes infrastructure investments,” he told the heads of major international organizations.

The World Bank will help the countries within the initiative to take maximum advantage of the opportunities provided, in accordance with their own development strategies,” he added.

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Steve Bannon compares China to 1930s Germany and says US must confront Beijing

Written by Tony Harkén on måndag, 11 september 2017. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Left 1, Left 2 - 3st

Former senior aide to Donald Trump prepares to visit Hong Kong and warns that China is at ‘economic war’ with America.

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s former consigliere, has compared China to 1930s Germany, warning the country could go down the same dark path if the US fails to challenge its rise.

A hundred years from now, this is what they’ll remember — what we did to confront China on its rise to world domination,” Bannon told the New York Times.

Read more at - www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/sep/11/steve-bannon-compares-china-to-1930s-germany-and-says-us-must-confront-beijing

China to buy over $1tn worth of planes by 2036 as economy expands

on torsdag, 07 september 2017. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Left 1, Left 2 - 3st

Economic growth in China has spurred an increasing demand for aircraft, says Boeing.

The US airplane maker has updated China's purchasing forecast to $1.1 trillion in the next two decades.

Boeing estimates China will buy 7,240 aircraft by 2036, 6.3 percent higher than the US company’s previous prediction of 6,810 planes last year.

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New Balance vinner stort varumärkesmål i Kina

Written by Tony Harkén on måndag, 04 september 2017. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Main 2, Main 8 - 3st

Den amerikanska skotillverkaren New Balance har vunnit ett väldigt betydelsefullt varumärkesmål i Kina.

En domstol utanför Shanghai har dömt tre kinesiska företag att betala över 12 miljoner kr i skadestånd och rättegångskostnader efter att ha begått varumärkesintrång i New Balance's "N"-logotyp.

Skadeståndet är enligt New York Times det största för ett varumärkesintrång som har betalats ut i Kina till ett utländskt företag.

Läs mer på - http://groth.se/news/new-balance-vinner-stort-varumarkesmal-i-kina/

China trade healthier than expected

Written by Cecilia Helland on onsdag, 14 juni 2017. Posted in Kina, Artiklar om Kina, Left 1, Left 2 - 3st

China's exports and imports rose by more than forecast in May, indicating that economic growth remains resilient amid concerns about a slowdown.

Exports rose by 8.7% from a year ago in US dollar terms, beating estimates of 7%, after strong demand from Europe.

Imports shot up by 14.8%, compared with estimates of 8.5%, thanks to purchases of processing and assembly products.

Overall, China's trade surplus widened to $40.8bn (£31.5bn) from $38bn in April.

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