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Welcome To Oymyakon

Welcome To Oymyakon

Publicerat av Tony Harkén fredag, 13 januari 2017.

World’s Coldest Inhabited Village Where Temperature Could Drop To -67C (−90 °F).

*Mobiles don't work... but homes still have outside toilets.

*Russian village of Oymyakon has lowest recorded temperature for any permanently inhabited location.

*Nothing grows so locals live off diet of reindeer meat and horse meat but never suffer malnourishment.

*Locals keep their cars running all day for fear of them not starting again if turned off.

*Digging graves for a funeral can take up to three days as ground has to be thawed with hot coals

Read more at - http://www.demilked.com/coldest-village-oymyakon-russia-amos-chapple/

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