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Cederroth expands its factory in Barcelona

Cederroth expands its factory in Barcelona

Publicerat av Tony Harkén torsdag, 22 augusti 2013.

The Swedish multinational Cederroth specialises in the production and sale of wound dressings and will concentrate all of its activity in the plant in Bigues i Riells in Barcelona (Catalonia).

Four years ago, Cederroth bought the Catalonian laboratory specialised in the design and production of Distrex wound dressings.

The group has invested 2.5 million euros in the enlargement of the Bigues i Riells factory and plans to continue investing throughout 2013 to increase the square plant's square metres and hire staff.

The focus on Barcelona will allow Cederroth to continue expanding its production, given that 600 million wound dressings were produced in 2012 as well as over 300,000 units of surgical tape.

Cederroth is dedicated to the production of adhesive products for wound care (they develop more than 3,000 products for 134 countries).

They also distribute other products like the Salveped and Devorolor foot care lines, Noton ear protection, Blistex lip care, the oral hygiene brand Dentrabrit and Bio-oil regenerating oil.

Publicerat av

Tony Harkén


Klockan i Madrid, Spanien

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