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Extremadura presents the project

Extremadura presents the project "Invest in Extremadura”

Publicerat av Tony Harkén måndag, 06 maj 2013.

The President of the Government of Extremadura, José Antonio Monago, presented 'Invest in Extremadura', a project that seeks to promote the attraction of investments and contribute to economic and social development of the region.

In the presentation, which took place under the Innovation and Growth Forum “Spain-Israel. We go forward together”, hold in Cáceres, attended by the President of the Government of Extremadura, José Antonio Monago; the Minister of Industry, Tourism and Energy, José Manuel Soria and the Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime García Legaz.

José Antonio Monago, announced that this tool, made available to investors, will provide a quality service and will offer all the resources Extremadura has in order to make their projects be successful in the region. It is, as Monago noted, another "instrument to serve growth, innovation and development" in the region.

Similarly, the regional president said that "it is very important to attract investment to the region" and referred to the constitution of a new production model that the regional Government is fostering.  This new production model, as he indicated, implies a deep change of mentality.


The regional president stressed the "geostrategic position" of Extremadura in the Iberian Peninsula and explained that it is one of the strengths Extremadura has to attract investment. Extremadura is between Madrid, Seville and Lisbon, has direct access to the most important ports of the peninsula and is a cross-border region. Moreover, as Monago noted, Extremadura soil has high performance and "highly competitive labour costs, which is one of the key factors to attract investment".

Similarly, the president explained that Extremadura is the only Spanish region that can grant investment aids to large companies during in the period 2014-2020, "investing in Extremadura will be very profitable business".

Likewise, the head of the regional government, recalled the initiatives launched by his executive to promote business start-up in the region. So, include the Comprehensive Action Plan for Employment, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise, the Enterprise Activation Points (EAPs), the simplification of bureaucracy procedures, the agreements adopted for new financing tools and the enterprise internationalization strategies.

In the field of training, it should be noted the effort done by the Government of Extremadura so to have a qualified and prepared workforce ready to embrace investments projects. In this sense, Monago expressed the importance of the University of Extremadura, "which is training excellent professionals who can develop at max in the region, not only in projects that are already a reality, but for those who have to come".

In addition, and explained by Monago, the regional government has made available to businessmen and entrepreneurs different services, such as those in the PCTEX, the Center for Excellence in Innovation EOI, the new building of the Order-Valdesequera, the European Business and Innovation and Business Bioincubator the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery 'Jesus Uson' of Caceres. The president said these are the "credentials" of a region that sees the "big picture". "This is the genetic heritage of a region that we want to recover," he added.

In this sense, the regional president highlighted the ability the region to learn, as it got stated in the Innovation and Growth Forum held in Cáceres, in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel. Monago stressed that Extremadura has "all the potential in the world" and wants to "launch it" to benefit other communities and to generate employment in the region.


The Project 'Invest in Extremadura' aims to increase the competitiveness and the profitability of the foreign companies that decide to settle in the region. Thus, the Government of Extremadura has worked to put at the disposal to these companies, and projects, eight resources which will bring them value.

These resources are: Strategic Location, Region to Invest, a place to live, Innovation and talent, Resources for Entrepreneurs, Financial Support, the investor support office and our success stories.

With this initiative, we offer to investors a comprehensive system of financial support with various tools and services for their projects.

Publicerat av

Tony Harkén


Klockan i Madrid, Spanien

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