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Foreign workers rave about the experience of working in Spain

Foreign workers rave about the experience of working in Spain

Publicerat av Cecilia Helland fredag, 26 februari 2016.

Spain is the best adopted country because of its lifestyle, according to a study conducted by HSBC Bank.

In its 2016 edition, the Expat Explorer, a study conducted by HSBC Bank that periodically analyzes living conditions for expats in 39 countries around the world preferred for that purpose, has determined that Spain is the second best adopted country for foreign workers who have settled within our borders, very close to New Zealand, which is first, with regard to life experience.

The study measures, through the answers supplied by the expats themselves, three major areas: money, experience and family. In the general ranking--which lumps them all together--which Singapore, New Zealand and Switzerland lead as the best countries to live in as an expat, Spain is in 13th place.

Where Spain comes out best is in the section that analyzes the experience of living here. Among other aspects, lifestyle is measured, where Spain is first especially because expats consider it a very healthy country. It is no wonder then that 15% of retirees who decide to spend their retirement years outside their home country choose Spain as their destination. Also taken into account is the ease of making friends and purchasing property.

According to Expat Explorer 2016, Spain is the best place in Europe for expats who want to enjoy life. 72% of those who choose us state that they enjoy being immersed in Spanish culture. Learning the language makes it easier for them to integrate, and 49% say that helps them feel more connected to the country. 81% are learning Spanish. 42% confess that they felt at home once they adjusted to the local culture.

Spain improves the health of the British
The British are the ones who appreciate Spain the most. For 55% of them, the environment is better than in their own country, and it even has a positive impact on their health. In fact, no less than 59% state that living in Spain has helped improve their health. Information that contrasts with that of British expats in other countries. 86% of the total haven't noticed any impact on their health by moving away from home.

Family and local economy
Regarding the advantages of emigrating with the family, Spain is fourth in this area, which studies the possibilities for integrating children, possibilities regarding their education and the quality of life for raising them in our country.

In the economic sphere, aspects such as the ability to grow professionally, resources for engaging in work, and the relationship between income and expenses are studied. In this section, Spain is discretely located in the lower part of the table.

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