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Facebook hacked

Facebook hacked

Publicerat av Tony Harkén lördag, 29 september 2018.

Social media giant admits security breach affecting 50 million accounts.

Facebook has apologized for a “security issue,” after discovering that hackers used a vulnerability in the platform’s code to steal other users’ ‘access tokens’ and log into their accounts. 50 million accounts were affected.

In a statement released Friday, the company said that attackers could use Facebook’s “view as” tool - which lets a user see what their profile looks like to other users - to steal other users’ access tokens - digital keys that allow a user to stay logged into the social network without re-entering their password every time.

The issue was discovered by Facebook engineers on Tuesday, and Facebook said on Friday that it’s fixed the vulnerability, reset 50 million affected users’ access tokens, and informed law enforcement. The company reset a further 40 million users’ tokens as a precaution, bringing the total number of accounts affected in some way to 90 million.

Read more at - https://on.rt.com/9fed

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